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I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage!  Click here to read her interview.  
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What is SoulCollage®?
Based on the book by therapist & free spirit Seena Frost, SoulCollage® is an enjoyable blend of creavitiy and spiritual practice. As you gather found images (from magazines) that you're drawn let intuition guide you as you create mini-collages on mat board, that over time, will result in your personal deck of self-discovery cards, each one representing an aspect of your multi-faceted self. Creating and working with the cards allows us to step back and get an aerial view of our inner-workings...and our life. (See my cards here and here)
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~ Making cards in my Mango Studio ~
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What happens in a workshop? ~ How are the cards made?
A sacred space of trust and support is always established within our circle of participants. After a brief introduction to the basics of SoulCollage®, a zen-like manner you allow the images to be drawn to you; then, cutting and arranging them in a way that 'feels right'...and finally gluing them to card-size mat board. You are now on your way to creating a deck of self-discovery cards that is rich in personal meaning which you can consult throughout your life's journey.
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How are the cards used?
Whether you have one card or many, you will learn to dialogue with and listen to the voices of your card-energies...which are deeper expressions of you! As you "let SoulCollage® have its way with you" ...more love, understanding and compassion for yourself and others invites its way into your life. This relaxing, creative process tiptoes past the chattering mind ..and invites us to explore...create... discover..forgive, heal, and celebrate ourselves!
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Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage® says...
"I guarantee you will cherish your cards as if you were holding
yourself in your hands."
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~ My Evolving SoulCollage® Deck ~
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What are SoulCollage® Suits?
As an option...each card can eventually fit into one of four suggested themes...or suits (see below). As you create your deck, distinguish these suits, and "do readings" from your are integrating a variety of aspects of your being, and life; and tapping into the wisdom these aspects within you, as well. SoulCollage is a relaxing and nurturing self-care practice.
The four suggested SoulCollage® suits are:
  • Committee Suit: Discover and acknowledge your inner-voices, and hear what they really want you to know.
  • Community Suit: Honor and integrate the wisdom and guidance of the people, and pets in your life, past and present.
  • Companions Suit: Learn about the chakra-animal companion connection and their guiding energy.
  • Council Suit: Learn about archetypes and discover those that guide you daily, or have been an influence in your personal history.
SoulCollage helps us identify the many aspects of ourselves, some of which we might not be aware of...and allows us to further understand, accept and express the fullness of who we are... and move farther along our life's journey less encumbered, and more empowered & joyful!
My cards can be seen here and here.
(Some dialogues follow a brief narrative on my creative process with the card.)
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SoulCollage® is also beneficial to those who are...
  • In life-transition
  • In support groups (health, grief, divorce)
  • Expanding their self-awareness
  • Empty-nesters
  • Seeking expanded creativity, and experience of living

Embrace...Let go....Connect...Listen...Hear You!
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I invite you to become a part of this Supportive Circle and take part in a creative, intimate dance with your deepest self.


Lucrezia said...

Hi Cheryl~
I really, really like this new site, and the way all your soulcollage® sites are all linked over thar>.

Well.. now that I am taking a vacation from "work" and have plenty of free time perhaps I will complete my very first card. I got emersed in raw chocolate making tonight, but as little orphan annie sings "there's always tomorow."

Reading some of your cards was very helpful to me tonight, so I don't need to make my own!! ~ha ha just joking.

You are a beautiful person. I wish you soooo much success with your work shops ~ if I was near I would take one for sure.

Cheryl A Finley: said...

I'm always happy to hear from you! OK, you've got my mouth watering with your raw chocolate! I'll stop by your blog so I can eat my heart out. If you were closer, I'd order some of your raw food delights. Who knows...maybe some items you will eventually do mail order..??

I'm excited that you will be creating your first card. Can't wait to see it. As things develop I will create a space for a card gallery. I'd love to have your cards on display here inspire others...and me! I'm glad my cards have assisted you..that's the power of this incredible process.

Thank you for your compliments and good wishes with my workshops! I wish you were closer, I'd love to have you in my workshops! Who time goes by maybe I'll do a few in your area!

Pattie Mosca said...

I am doing a standing ovation for you over here! This site looks wonderful and so informative! My heartfelt wishes for you in this new direction you have taken. I know you will be a magnificent facilitator! Many blessings to you my friend.

Lucrezia said...

Cheryl ~

Thanks! Well I created my first one last night as you are aware of~ lol... and I really do find it fascinating that viewing other's cards they created for themselves ( such as yourself and the daily reading ones) can have such a personal relevance for myself~ kinda like listening to a song on the radio that is that muscian's personal expression and relating it to my own life..... fantastic.. it takes a village.

And now this online/ phone workshop starting on May 18th ? That is just a fantastic concept.

Have the best day ever!

Cheryl A Finley: said...

Thank you so much for your enthusiasic cheers and wishes! I do appreciate it very much. I can see you smiling my way right now!

Cheryl A Finley: said...

I'm thrilled that you've experienced the making your first SoulCollage card,as well as it's message to you, which will be ongoing. Yes, this work is indescribable!...we can only try though :). You are in for a glorious ride. See you on May 18 at the Tele-playshop!

January said...

Hi Cheryl!

Thanks for stopping by my blog a few days ago. This is an interesting project. Good luck with your endeavor.

Royce Addington said...

Where ever your IMPRESSIVE SITE may travel in cyberspace, it will leave happy and inspirational Soulprints of Cheryl and her message of SoulCollage!
Beautiful Soulprints of Kindness, Intelligence, Creativity, Authenticity and Compassion! This morning as I walked along Kokomo Beach in Key West, I saw your Soulprint in the Sand! Because of your work, this may be a perfect day to "surf the soul"! THANK YOU!

Cheryl Finley: said...

Dear Royce,
I am so deeply moved by your loving message. I am so thankful that my work has made a difference, and I'm grateful that yours has made a big one for me. Kindred find each other - their soul prints lead the way...I love it when that happens!

inspired said...


Carmen said...

I like this idea!
I have so many and every single one is my biggest treasure.
Thank you for putting together all of this wonderful work.
God bless your talents and soul!

Laura Hegfield said...

Hey Cheryl,
I love the way you explained the lay of the land (soulcollage workshop village)

I can't wait to hang out and explore our inner animal guides at Anne Marie and Anne's workshop. Your site is brilliantly shiny!


Amy E. C. said...

Hi Cheryl, Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! I hope your next SoulCollage event goes wonderfully!

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

Oh, wonderful, you are a Soul Collage person, too! I first found the idea from Kathryn over at Collage Diva. Love the photos of your cards here...beautiful! We sometimes come into Chicago to do grief & creativity workshops -- will have to remember you are there! Maybe we can connect... hosting a Facebook virtual group for Grief & Creativity if you ever are over there and want to share anything about your workshops and such:


オテモヤン said...